The system came with two small stickers on the left wrist-rest: Normally I like to remap this key to Hyper, and bind keypresses involving Hyper to window manager operations like resizing windows or starting applications. The ports will continue working after a sleep cycle with kernel 2. The ThinkPad R50p and T41p mobile workstations feature some of the most advanced technology available in the industry, including the 1. I’ve used hdparm to enable the disk’s APM in additional to the normal spin-down timer. Client Security Solution 7. Build your own feed New to RSS?

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Below the touchpad are its corresponding left and right selector buttons. The display is very bright and, unlike my iBook display, the colours are acceptable ibm thinkpad t41p a wide range of angles.

The third ergonomic hurdle to jump is the screen and it’s here that the earlier T41 stumbled. The middle button controls scrolling. The wireless hardware in the model I chose is based on an Atheros chipset that supports Thin,pad GEU ibm thinkpad t41p hardware that make it superior to my iBook, without sacrificing any of the nice design features.

When connected to a power socket the performance is stunning, with the T41p managing a SYSmark ibm thinkpad t41p ofmaking it the fastest Pentium M based notebook we’ve seen. Installing Linux There’s a lot of documentation out there on doing this.


IBM’s recently announced ThinkPad notebook computers are designed to meet the high-performance needs thinkpxd workstation users, combining the mobility of a ThinkPad notebook with high-speed graphic performance and superior wireless and security capabilities. Some of them also had Intel wireless adapters, which allow them to bear the ibm thinkpad t41p Centrino ” branding. Home Site map Search for: At the time of ibm thinkpad t41p purchase, there were several ThinkPad ranges.

I can understand why, given that most business users will want to print from it to their legacy printer. The Intel wireless adapter is actually quite power ibm thinkpad t41p, supports only the older The system came with two small stickers on the left wrist-rest: In particular, it adds:.

ThinkPad T41 Specs – CNET

This seems very stable! I used the I repartitioned the hard disk as follows:. Whatever, I’m not ibm thinkpad t41p remotely excited by bluetooth. I re-installed Windows XP onto the fourth partition. Thinkpax installed it all, I’ve not once booted it up.

Most people used to PC keyboards find this moderately confusing. I’ve not yet configured the driver to take advantage of these ibm thinkpad t41p. I’m guessing that this is because the antennae are tuned for both 2. I am f41p very happy to report that pretty much everything that wasn’t quite right with the T41 has been addressed in the T41p.


IBM ThinkPad T41 Repair – iFixit

Boffins finally discover liquid water sloshing around ihm Mars All that dust on Mars is coming from one weird giant alien ibm thinkpad t41p Sorry, Neil Armstrong. There it did its duty admirably as I had to write up everything I saw at the show ibm thinkpad t41p well as edit and upload copy sent from back home, writes Riyad Emeran. Stand up for your right to repair! Why is my sound not working?

IBM ThinkPad T41 Notebook 23737FU

thinkpadd The only problem I’ve had with DriverLoader is that I must unload it before ibm thinkpad t41p system will go to sleep. So, even if you can’t find a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect to the Internet via a Bluetooth mobile phone. The T41p shares the same chassis as the T41, ibm thinkpad t41p it’s beautifully crafted, ergonomically excellent and slim. It gives a 56K V90 connection. Finally I created a thlnkpad partition to re-install Windows XP onto.