However it didn’t really help me out much. Detailed data for each and every shot for which we collected data is now viewable in the interactive portion of this review. I believe it was purchased in the US hence my hesitation about buying it. November 29, at Watch out for Ping replicas.

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I have no doubts about their authenticity, but have no confirmation of the shafts that are in them as the decals and coding under the grip have been removed.

Apparently everyone wants the real deal shafts Titleist is drifting to now.

There would only be a serial number on a custom set of clubs, not on a stock set. Sign In Haven’t registered for Team Titleist yet?

Is there anyway I can register that they now belong to me or is there no need? January 26, at There would only be a serial number on a custom set of clubs, not on a stock set.

910H spotting a fake

January 25, at Graphite shafts may also help. This is the main reason Discount Dan’s is on speed dial. Glad I had the real thing from TGW.


Not one place is perfect and you will run into some bad apples. The process is slow. Thanks very much for you help and very prompt reply.

If it’s a Titleist shaft compare that too and look for differences. A lot of the other stuff could be explained by Titleist changing foundries.

Fake Titleist D3, Guys be careful ordering off ebay – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

The other big tell tail sign for me was it didn’t swing weight correctly at tihleist fake titleist 910 d2 the stock D3. Hi Luke, I still need you to tell me if your AP1s are original model, or Search Advanced Search section: Ice, stretching and KT tape worked wonders for me.

What’s crazy is I ordered both clubs from the same seller. Please login to post a comment. It looks like it wouldn’t last the day! The stickers fake titleist 910 d2 supposed to match up to fxke head and shaft combination, so titleist should be able to tell you exactly what you have.


Titleist can’t really control the used market. So i complete the round with everything but a driver and won the match.

Maybe there are cases of that happening but haven’t heard of any yet. Is it fake or real?

Companies Creating Fake Titleist Clubs – Golf Clubs – Team Titleist

Whats in the bag: If this seller sells 1 fake out of everyI 2d that’s cool with you. January 04, at Looking to pickup a few heads on fake titleist 910 d2 and not sure if these are targets or not. Also, an easier way to tell if ffake is fake is to take the weight out and look for a blueish color around the inside of the metal where the weight goes in.

No Diamana shafts fake titleist 910 d2 like this. Craig S glasgow, 0.